Well, we just did our first show last night in Toledo, Ohio, and the house was rocking’!! I felt like I was a few feet of the ground, and the audience was singing so loudly, we were almost lost in the mix…..

It was so wonderful to see all my old friends; Karen Appling, Marty Rickard, Teresa McClendon, Debbie McGee, Sam Fontecchio, Jamil Haidous, Teresa McGinnis, Larry Mauk, Mary Lee Foote, Marie Campbell, Connie Eblin, and so many more.

You can see here that the three of us; Barbara Payton, Shaun Murphy, and Laura Creamer, never have any fun….

Check the Seger Tour page, to get all the updates: http://www.bobseger.com/tour

In all this, my new CD will be coming out, probably mid-October, I can’t wait….It’s gonna be so great to be able to do both of these things simultaneously!! I’ll be bringing you more info on that, as it becomes available!
More Later,